I'm trying to set up an environment for multiple jupyter notebooks. I made a virtual environment installed a module a need (pandas) but jupyter notebook returns

ModuleNoteFoundError: No module named pandas

while within the environment I ran

pip3 list

and my output was

numpy           1.17.4 
pandas          0.25.3 
pip             19.3.1 
python-dateutil 2.8.1  
pytz            2019.3 
setuptools      41.6.0 
six             1.13.0 
wheel           0.33.6

finally, I printed the version of Python being ran in jupyter and got 3.7.5rc1 so it looks to me like jupyter isn't within my environment and I'm not sure how to go about doing it with virtualenvwrapper

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Although not absolutely necessary, using sudo mode for the installation makes the packages available across all users in the system (especially ones with a lower privilege). Again, there are pros & cons for the approach and I've had similar conflicts that prompted me use sudo mode for packages that are intended for use in multiple projects.

You seem to have package versions that should work in unison; must be some access permission issue.

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