I wanted to install OpenStack using Juju and MAAS. The OS requirement page says I need one machine for MAAS, one for JUJU and four servers for Openstack. I have 4 proliant servers each with 4 NIC, 132gb RAM and 12 cores CPU. But I want to use those for my OpenStack nodes. Then I have one decent workstation with one NIC. The solution that came to my mind was to create virtual MAAS and JUJU servers inside my workstation. (Is this even doable?) Using VMM I created the VM and installed MAAS(Rack & Region). All seems good. MAAS has internet and can communicate with host and other servers. MAAS can turn the prolian servers On and Off but commissioning fails. Servers reach DHCP and receive IP from MAAS but TFTP runs forever until server gives up goes back to booting menu. Could you please help me with this?

I know I'm probably missing a lot of information in this long text but that is because I haven't done much during the process until now. Things I have done are as follow. NetworkManager is disabled. (because I just couldn't handle it!) On my workstation, I created a Bridge using documents in Netplan's webpage and modified parameters to match my case such as IP and interfaces name. In VMM, I added two NIC cards to my MAAS VM (shared hypervisor adaptor "Bridge" was selected). I have not created additional interface nor network inside VMM. In MAAS UI, I created the subnet. (Is there a problem that this subnet is actually part of current networkenter image description here network?). Please see the diagram and tell me if you need further details on this.

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