I have a PNG file that will not show the content in eog and the program reports an error "No images found in". It seems to be a problem with the colon in the filename. With bash, I try:

eog "scholia-pageviews-2019-11-18T17:00:33.717199.png"

the program opens, but reports

No images found in “scholia-pageviews-2019-11-18t17:///00:33.717199.png”.

The same error message is displayed for

eog scholia-pageviews-2019-11-18T17\:00\:33.717199.png

With gimp there is no such problem:

gimp scholia-pageviews-2019-11-18T17\:00\:33.717199.png

opens and displays fine. A renaming will do it:

cp "scholia-pageviews-2019-11-18T17:00:33.717199.png" tmp.png
eog tmp.png

opens and displays fine.

I am wondering whether there is an error in eog or I am somehow using it the wrong way?

Interestingly, the scholia-pageviews-2019-11-18T17:00:33.717199.png file will open fine with the "open" in the menu.

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    A possible workaround might be to prepend a relative (or absolute) path ex. eog "./scholia-pageviews-2019-11-18T17:00:33.717199.png" – steeldriver Nov 18 '19 at 16:54
  • I am using gimp 2.10.8 and it gives a similar error message Opening 'scholia-pageviews-2019-11-18t17:///00:33.717199.png' failed: Location is not mountable . To solve this use the file like this: './scholia-pageviews-2019-11-18T17:00:33.717199.png' – FedonKadifeli Nov 18 '19 at 16:55
  • I see. This is apparent a similar problem I had with scp unix.stackexchange.com/questions/148929/… – Finn Årup Nielsen Nov 18 '19 at 16:56
  • I see that eog is apparently able to open files from the web, so the colon may confuse the interpretation of the string as a url/filename. – Finn Årup Nielsen Nov 18 '19 at 16:59

The general solution to such "problems" is to use a slash (/) somewhere before the colon (:). For example:

eog './scholia-pageviews-2019-11-18T17:00:33.717199.png'
gimp '/full-path/scholia-pageviews-2019-11-18T17:00:33.717199.png'

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