OS: Ubuntu 16.04
Kernel: kernel 4.4.0-169-generic
Product Name: Del XPS 13-9360, Dell 470-ABRY DA200 Adapter
BIOS: Version 2.12.0, Thunderbolt BIOS Security Level none

The Problem

If I connect an external monitor via thunderbolt 3 port, the monitor gets power, but says "No signal". The display on the laptop shows short sequences of a black screen every 10 secs or so. On Windows (dual-boot) it works fine.

    dmesg | grep thunderbolt

shows no output.

    lspci -nn | grep thunderbolt

shows no output.

    lsmod | grep thunderbolt

shows no output.

    fwupdmr get-devices

Unknown Device
Guid: 3ec3df3a-2290-56e5-9d2f-eda62e9ab50b
DeviceID: ro__sys_devices_pci0000_00_0000_00_02_0
Plugin: udev
Flags: internal|locked
DeviceVendor: Intel Corporation
Created: 2019-11-17

The Questions

Is the Unknown Device the problem?
Is there a way to log errors while the monitor is connected to the laptop?
Why can't the kernel find or create the thunderbolt 3 module?
Is there a way to manually load the thunderbolt 3 module into the kernel?
I am grateful for your input, but keep in mind that I just have basic knowledge on ubuntu.

  • I'm using kernel 4.14.153 with my Ubuntu 16.04 and it works well for Thunderbolt 3. You can try a new kernel too: askubuntu.com/questions/119080/… – WinEunuuchs2Unix Nov 17 '19 at 15:13
  • Thanks for the feedback. I read your post on manually installing linux kernels and will give this a try. – Alexander Frank Nov 17 '19 at 15:29

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