I was trying to change the " busy " and " watch " art for Yaru cursor. As instructed in the readme file, I installed python-pil and x11-apps and successfully rendered the cursor theme. I now have the bitmaps folder. But when I try ./x11-make.sh, I get

$ ./x11-make.sh
Error reading config file!
Error reading config file!

What is wrong ? How can I fix this and complete the build ? Thanks

Ref : https://github.com/ubuntu/yaru/tree/master/icons/src/cursors


I was trying different combinations and finally was able to build the cursor theme. In the bitmaps folder at path shown below, delete the folder and icons in it. Keep the .in files intact.


Then use this command within the cursors folder in Terminal

./render-cursors.py source-cursors.svg

Once that is over, try ./x11-make.sh command in the same Terminal window

Give it a bit of time and there will be a folder called Surunext to the src folder

This has worked fine for me so far. If you are confused try this Readme file


Good luck.

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