I want to know how can I set the default terminal size in ubuntu 18.04. Previously in 16.04, there was an Edit option in menu bar but there isn't one in this new version. When I click on the options next to New tab, I can go into Advanced and then set the menu size to my desired one.

Ubuntu 18.04 menu options

Window sizes under "Advanced"

But when I close the terminal and reopen it, the settings aren't saved. Any help?

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    menu Preferences -> click on bottom left below Profiles probably called Unnamed ... here you choose your geometry Nov 15 '19 at 18:07

This is done through Profiles which is under in Preferences. You can create multiple profile and customize them.

Change Initial terminal size as shown in the image below. There are also many more customization choices there that you might be interested in. And even if you didn't find what you've been looking for, you always can use other terminal emulators like terminator instead of default gnome-terminal.

Preferences in Gnome-Terminal

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