I am running Ubuntu (18.04 Desktop) inside Virtualbox (6.0) on Mac (10.14.6). After installing Guest Additions, the resolution in the guest OS became too high (2880x1800). When I decrease the resolution in Settings/Devices/Displays, the image gets smaller. I mean, it doesn't fill my laptop's screen anymore.

How can I decrease the resolution without changing the size of the image?


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Virtualbox Scaled Mode

  1. choose a guest resolution (with guest additions installed, simply resize the window)
  2. enable Scale Mode

From your running guest VM window, enter the View menu, find Scale Mode and enable it.
Or hit Host Key+C
The guest resolution remain fixed, you can resize the guest window, pixels are now scaled.
Exit the scale mode by hitting Host Key+C again

More information : https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/UserManual.html#intro-resize-window

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