I'm trying to take a screenshot of the the dash, HUD and application menu (separately). But I am having difficulty getting a screenshot: the dash or HUD disappears before I can take it. I would appreciate advice.


Launch the Screenshot application and check the 'Grab the whole screen option. More importantly, set a non-zero value (say 5 seconds) for the 'Grab after a delay of ...' option.

enter image description here

Then press the 'Take Screenshot' button and make sure the dash/HUD etc. is enabled when the screenshot is set to be captured (current time + set delay).


You can do a screenshot with just your keyboard. Use your mouse to keep the dash / HUD not hidden while you're using one of these combinaison of keys :

  • Prt Scrn for all the desktop
  • Alt + Prt Scrn for the active window (in my case, Firefox window) -> this combinaison isn't what you're looking for, but you would probably find it useful in other cases
  • Shift + Prt Scrn for an area you select

The last option can be done with the screenshot software of Ubuntu named screencast

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    Yeah, but this won't probably solve the actual problem: "dash or HUD disappearing before I can take it." Those elements will probably close as soon as you press the keys.
    – pomsky
    Nov 14 '19 at 10:14

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