I am aware there is a gpodder extension that searches for new podcast on every startup of the program, but since my podcast subscription list is quite long that makes the program a bit cumbersome to use when I just want to add a new podcast URL or check something else.

I would like a command that I can add to the startup applications that launches the gpodder gui, and has it scan for new podcasts.

I am aware of gpo -> update -> download, but I would like to have the graphical interface do that.

  • Did you try adding /usr/bin/gpo update && /usr/bin/gpo download to your .profile? – Pablo Bianchi Jan 20 at 4:07
  • I am aware of that, but that's command line only, I believe. I would like the GUI gpodder to launch and update automatically. – Markus Gratis Jan 20 at 7:04

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