I just got a Razer Blade laptop whose Ctrl key is in the far bottom-left corner of the keyboard with a Fn key just to the right of it. Coming from using Macbooks and Thinkpads, where the position of these two keys is the opposite, this new layout is highly distressing since any Ctrl-* command I now need to develop new muscle memory for.

Since the Fn key seems to be tied to the hardware, there's no way to change this in the computer's BIOS, and I haven't seen a way to be able to remap it on the OS level with Ubuntu, are there any hacks that people could think of to get around swapping the Ctrl and Fn keys? I'm wondering if there's anything higher-level than xkb/xmodmap, perhaps on an application level, that would allow me to use Fn-C instead of Ctrl-C for example. I really spend most of my time in Chrome and Terminator.

  • Couldn't figure this out - bit the bullet and mapped Caps Lock to be new Ctrl key - figured Caps Lock will be consistently remappable on different comps/keyboards – lsimmons 14 hours ago

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