So, I am facing the problem of write on one of my directory. I am the sole owner of my computer and I not able to create a file/folder on that directory.

Please help me out with the problem.Even, when I right click into that directory, the option for creating new folder comes as disabled.I have tried changing the permissions of that directory, by right clicking and using the permissions option, but then I don't know how it reverts back to read-only.

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  • I would check your file-system hasn't become read-only (ie. error has occurred, and it wants you to manually fsck (file system check) before it'll remount RW (read-write)). You didn't mention your release of Lubuntu, but I'd open a term (just where I prefer to look) and stat ~/directory) where '~/directory' can be your directory name; ~ is shorthand for /home/$USER where $USER is your username). I'd look at Access rights, Uid (owner) and Gid (group) which should be you). To check mount I'd likely mount |grep sd (view mounts the grep to limit to sdxy partitions) – guiverc Nov 9 at 6:41
  • Which directory? – Pilot6 Nov 9 at 20:21
  • The issue has been resolved.I am having a dual boot laptop with windows 8 and Ubuntu 18.After booting with windows and changing the security policy of that directory,the issue was resolved. – Aayush Upadhyaya Nov 10 at 3:00

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