I use Ubuntu Studio 19.10, upgraded from 19.04, upgraded from 18.04.3.

Also, I use Jack Audio Connections Kit.

I want to know if there is an automatic way to set as default the Jack Audio Sink and Jack Audio Source.

I have to manually set this as on with PavuControl, each time I turn on my PC.

Is there a way to get this?


'pavucontrol' does not show default sink & source

'pactl list sinks' will show for Pulseaudio JACK Sink - 'Name: jack_out'

'pactl-list-sources' will show for Pulseaudio JACK Source - 'Name: jack_in'

command to set these as default sink & source:

pactl set-default-sink jack_out && pactl set-default-source jack_in

to check default settings saved to user home folder:

cat ~/.config/pulse/*default-sink
cat ~/.config/pulse/*default-source
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    Can you explain how your command work? Please edit your answer – damadam Nov 25 '19 at 10:31

With the nik gnomic idea, I could set it and it is very easy!

We have to go to the main qjackctl Setup menu, "Option" tab.

In that tab, we have two boxes: Script to run after server starts and Script to run after starting

Both boxes have to be filled with this line:

pacmd set-default-sink jack_out && pacmd set-default-source jack_in

That's all, folks!

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