I recently installed Ubuntu Server 18.04, then added Kubuntu's GUI for a lightweight GUI on the front end node of my new cluster project.

I have two wireless adapters and one Ethernet. I'm only connected to the Internet (updates, etc) via Ethernet now, but the only connection visible in the settings is the wireless adapter. Therefore I cannot see the Ethernet hardware to configure the IP, gateway, netmask, and other settings to listen for my nodes and use the WiFi for the Internet.

How may I configure my network settings?


ip address show in a Terminal window will show you what you need. For more on ip, see its man page.

Or, to do it the GUI way, right click on the empty area in the System Tray -> system tray settings -> click Network Management .

If you can't find Network Management, install it with sudo snap install network-manager and then learn it at https://docs.ubuntu.com/core/en/stacks/network/network-manager/docs/

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