If I drag a file from one file manager window and drop it in another, the file gets moved from the source folder to the destination folder. If I hold down the control key while doing this, the file gets copied. If I hold down the Shift key while doing this, the file is also moved. Holding down the Alt key causes the window to be moved instead, so I'm ignoring that case.

I would like to change this behavior so that when the Shift key is held down when the file is dropped, a script of my choosing is running which gets the source path/file and destination path. Alternately, it would work if I could copy the path on the source side from the menu or with the keyboard shortcut key (e.g. Ctrl + C) and then have a menu option / shortcut key that performs the action in the target window.

My main (but not only) use for this will be to do things like create hard/soft links.

I'm using PCManFM on Lubuntu 18.04, but if another file manager is the only way to do it that's fine too.

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