I'm using Ubuntu 18.04.3 Server (i.e. no graphical interface, only terminal) as a virtual machine of VirtualBox. How can I make the numerical keyboard active by default directly after Ubuntu is started up, when I type my login and password (too dreary activate it manually every time)?

  • Does this help: askubuntu.com/questions/1184674/… – WinEunuuchs2Unix Nov 6 '19 at 20:44
  • As far as I understand, numlockx works only when graphical interface is available. I have Server version of Ubuntu - no graphical interface. Therefore, your link is useless to me. – Jordan Nov 6 '19 at 21:29
  • you can install numlock , see also # xset --help [options[ ----- i suggest too seeing # man kbd_mode – user643653 Nov 6 '19 at 21:56

Please open a terminal window, then run

sudo -i && xhost +SI:localuser:gdm
su gdm -s /bin/bash
gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.peripherals.keyboard numlock-state 'on'

then advise, after a reboot of the virtual machine, if NumLock is now on.


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