I have 2 computers, a desktop computer and a laptop. Both have a dual boot, with Windows 10 and Ubuntu 19.10.

My printer is a Xerox WorkCentre 6015B.

Everything worked well with Ubuntu 19.04 and before also (I use Ubuntu since 12.04). I configure exactly the same way on both computers and now I get the same error message on both computers saying:

Requires authentication / Credentials required in order to print.

The printer works with Windows 10, so I think there is not a problem with the printer. I created a live USB with Ubuntu 19.04, and I can configure the printer and I can print. So this comes from Ubuntu 19.10 I believe.

The error message says "requires authentication", but I don't know which username or password I need and where to put them. Before Ubuntu never asked me to authenticate. Do you think it could be a bug? Have any of you encountered the same problem?


I’ve had this same issue with Pop!_OS (an Ubuntu-based distro) after upgrading to 19.10. At my workplace we print via a print queue with two printers. When I configured the printer in Pop!_OS 18.04 I remember that I needed to enter a username/password set up by the IT team only once. After updating to 19.10 I see this notification appear but that takes me to the print queue where I could do nothing, which seems to be the same problem.

To solve it I stopped CUPS: sudo service cups stop

And then edited the file /etc/cups/printers.conf (you’ll need root access). Look for your printer (usually the <DefaultPrinter ...> block) and look for the line that starts with AuthInfoRequired. In my case it was AuthInfoRequired none and I changed it to AuthInfoRequired username,password.

After that I restarted CUPS: sudo service cups start

And after sending a job to the printer, I had this printer authentication dialogue window show up. I entered the username/password, clicked on “Remember password” and this fixed it for me.

I hope that helps.

Also, it might be worth comparing to the previous configuration files, I think they are kept in /etc/cups with a .0 extension. Unfortunately I had already messed with them and I lost the original ones. I suspect that the issue must be there.


Thank you very much. As I do not have Ubuntu 19.10 installed on my computer, I use a Live-USB. I followed all the steps and indeed, I get a printer authentication dialogue window. The username is already written (ubuntu) and it asks for a password. I leave it empty and press enter, but it does not print. Which password should I use ? I could install Ubuntu 19.10 again on my computer, but if I do it but that it doesn't work, it would be time wasted.

Anyway thank very much for your answer again. Hope you can answer my new questions.


  • Unfortunately that’s a printer-specific setting. I’d double-check that you don’t have any authentication set up, in which case AuthInfoRequired none would be enough. Also, I’d try to set a username/password on the printer and use that in the authentication dialogue window. I’m afraid I can’t provide any further advice since the printer in my workplace is fully managed by the IT department.
    – Alf
    Nov 27 '19 at 13:25

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