I used:

find . -type d -name "SALARIO*"

to find the directories with that word in the name and then:

find . -type f -name "*.txt"

to find all files that end in txt in those directories.

How do I get both to work at the same time without using pipes?


I tried it and it works for me, so I suggest you to use the following command.

find -path '*SALARIO*/*' -name '*.txt'
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    even if it visually state you intention to split -path -name, you can put everything in -path '*/SALARIO/*.txt' – bac0n Nov 2 at 9:36
  • Didn't knew it bac0n, nice – Ioannis Apostolou Nov 2 at 9:38

Try this find . -wholename "./SALARIO/*.txt"


List *.txt files directly under SALARIO/

$ find -type d -name 'SALARIO' -exec sh -c 'ls $1/*.txt' _ '{}' \;


$ shopt -s globstar; ls **/SALARIO/*.txt

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