For the sake of more seamless detection of newer hardware (because of the kernel with which Kubuntu 19.10 comes by default) that I got in my recent laptop, I recently installed Kubuntu 19.10, and I'm quite satisfied with the OS, but... I noticed that the touchpad settings are significantly less advanced and customizable in the latest Kubuntu (19.10) than in OpenSUSE Leap 15.1 (or OpenSUSE Tumbleweed).

OpenSUSE touchpad settings: enter image description here

Kubuntu touchpad settings: enter image description here

In both cases I'm using libinput. Some principal differences are that in OpenSUSE there is more control, such as palm detection, acceleration, smoothly decelerated scrolling on release, time intervals, and so on, which is not present in Kubuntu. So I'm wondering what does one need to install to get the same kind of touchpad settings on Kubuntu?



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