I have been using (rather say trying to use Ubuntu 19.04) in a virtual machine. There have been n number of problems. Like Unable to get IP on my Ubuntu 19.04 virtual machine and changing username for ever in 19.04 I installed Latex packages in it. I want to use TexLive in it due to some research work. But due to various problems I faced in this virtual machine I will delete this one. I want to know is it possible to use the downloaded texlive packages in one installation to install in another instance. The download was approximately 1 Gb and bandwidth is a problem for me. I can not again and again download packages. If this is possible please let me know.


You have at least two alternatives:

  1. if the packages are still in /var/cache/apt/archives you can copy them from there to the same directory in the new machine. Then apt will tell you it does not need to download them.

  2. if they are no longer there, say because you did an apt-get clean for example, then you can repack them to recreate the deb packages and then move those to the new machine and reinstall them. Check this answer.

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