I am trying to deploy a cluster with MAAS.

I installed MAAS on my master node, and the nodes I want to commission boot from PXE.

The master node has two NICs which are set up as follows:

  • fabric-0 with
  • fabric-1 with

The is connected to my work notebook which runs a Squid proxy.

My work notebook has on the respective interface, the MAAS master

I now set up a DHCP range on the fabric-0 network, and this is the NIC my nodes I want to install are connected to.

I set Proxy to Peer, and entered

When I now boot a node on the network, it boots fine and begins to download packages in the initial steps. But when I command to deploy a system to the node, when the deploying starts, the node tries to use as a proxy - i.e., from fabric-1, which fails as it isn't connected to this network.

Why is that so? Is that a bug or am I missing something here?

Should I manually install and configure a Squid on the MAAS master to listen on the, use the correct cache_peer and use this as an "external" proxy?

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