Installed by Xubuntu on 18.04. When watching a video, sometimes a diagonal line appears, while scrolling a web page the same way. When you move the window on the desktop, lags are visible. I made 2 videos, it can be seen there:

For the test, installed Mint 19.2 (based on Ubuntu 18.04), same problems. Mint 19.1 used to be - everything was fine.

  • What is your graphics driver? – damadam Oct 30 at 9:04
  • You are having screen tearing. There is no univocal solution, and a solution will depend on your graphics card. – vanadium Oct 30 at 9:16
  • Intel G 2130 processor with integrated graphics. I do not know which driver is used, tell me how to look – xbot Oct 30 at 10:24

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