Whenever I run a terminal (which is always) it gets full of many, many nm-applet messages like this:

(nm-applet:3693): Gtk-WARNING **: 18:04:36.418: Can't set a parent on widget which has a parent

(nm-applet:3693): Gtk-CRITICAL **: 18:04:36.424: gtk_widget_destroy: assertion 'GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed

I would have thought these types of messages would be redirected to .xsession-errors but for some reason that file is 0 length. The file permissions are 644 so I don't think that's the issue.
I don't know what's controlling the nm-applet startup. (If I knew that I could redirect errors to .xsession-errors or /dev/null, but.)
Anyone know how to fix this? It is extremely intrusive and annoying.

  • Are you getting this output whenever you launch a terminal, or after you have input commands? If so, what commands? nm-applet is the GNOME front-end for NetworkManager and the error suggests that there is a problem with a widget - if you have some kind of network widget in use, try disabling or uninstalling it. – Nmath Oct 29 '19 at 23:49
  • The errors come up as soon as I launch the terminal, before I've even typed anything in. I don't have any network widget installed, just what came with NetworkManager. – Stuart Oct 30 '19 at 17:50
  • 1
    OK, I found the solution to the problem. I found a line in ~/.bashrc left over from a previous installation of a different distribution: dbus-launch nm-applet & Removing this fixed it. – Stuart Oct 30 '19 at 20:13
  • please add this as an answer, so it will be available for others who may visit the site with the same issue – Nmath Oct 31 '19 at 2:07

Here's the answer: I had installed Ubuntu on a machine on which I had been running a different distribution (Gentoo) with no systemd or other Ubuntu init stuff. When I installed Ubuntu, I kept the /home partition from before. In the .bashrc file in $HOME, was a line

dbus-launch nm-applet &

That was the cause of all my problems. I got rid of it and everything is fine now.

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Yeah, this is a known bug. Please add your "This affects me to" to give it higher priority.


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