After upgrading from 19.04 to 19.10 something seems to have gone wrong with broadcom-sta-dkms.

When I run sudo apt update and then sudo apt upgrade, it gets stuck after outputting the following (after depmod... nothing happens):

Setting up broadcom-sta-dkms ( ...
Removing old broadcom-sta- DKMS files...

-------- Uninstall Beginning --------
Module:  broadcom-sta
Kernel:  5.3.0-19-generic (x86_64)

Status: Before uninstall, this module version was ACTIVE on this kernel.

 - Uninstallation
   - Deleting from: /lib/modules/5.3.0-19-generic/updates/dkms/
 - Original module
   - No original module was found for this module on this kernel.
   - Use the dkms install command to reinstall any previous module version.



DKMS: uninstall completed.

Deleting module version:
completely from the DKMS tree.
Loading new broadcom-sta- DKMS files...
Building for 5.3.0-19-generic 5.3.0-050300-generic
Building initial module for 5.3.0-19-generic
This system doesn't support Secure Boot
Secure Boot not enabled on this system.

Running module version sanity check.
modinfo: ERROR: missing module or filename.
 - Original module
   - No original module exists within this kernel
 - Installation
   - Installing to /lib/modules/5.3.0-19-generic/updates/dkms/


I manage to get the system working again. First, doing sudo dpkg --remove broadcom-sta-dkms allowed sudo apt upgrade to run properly. After that, I removed the wireless drivers from dkms and reinstalled them. During reinstallation it again got stuck after depmod.... After waiting for a while I used Ctrl+C to stop the process. I thought installation hadn't gone through properly, but somehow, after rebooting, I have working wifi again.

  • I had a similar problem with bcmwl-kernel-source would be blocking the upgrade... I removed it and proceed with the upgrade. I am guessing it got included in the kernel and no longer compiles as a module. – Mathieu J. Oct 29 '19 at 0:38
  • Actually I tried removing bcmwl-kernel-source first, but that didn't work. Removing broadcom-sta-dkms is what worked in my case. That allowed the upgrade to finish, but I still had no wifi, so had to remove and reinstall the drivers. – noravanq Oct 30 '19 at 13:28

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