Settings - Region Language - Input source options

That binding seems to block all my other super key bindings like Super + Page Down (go to workspace below) or Super + Space (switch keyboard layout)...

Background: During my 19.10 upgrade (from 19.04.) today, I got a config request in the terminal (ASCII UI) that asked me something like choose key for 'latin switch'. I didn't know what to do and, smart as I am, selected 'left logo' as the key; I guess that's were I messed up...


What I tried:

  • remove from settings -> devices -> keyboard shortcuts but left win is not listed there

  • remove grp:lwin_toggle from file /etc/default/keyboard, line XKBOPTIONS="grp:lwin_toggle,grp_led:scroll" but no effect...

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Ok. I (of course AFTER posting the above question) figured it out:

Use "Gnome Tweak Tool".

Go to

  • "Keyboard & Mouse"
  • "Additional Layout Options"
  • "Switching to another Layout"
  • Uncheck "Left Win"

(for the unlikely case someone else got this very problem)

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