I was using ubuntu 19.10 and I had to install this Wi-Fi driver following instructions:

How to install Wi-Fi driver for Realtek RTL8821CE on Ubuntu 18.04?

However after an update applied and restart it just stopped working

I searched on additional drivers and this was disabled

I tried to re-enable it but nothing happened

How can I make them work back?

enter image description here


I had the same problem. I solved it by uninstalling the driver and installing the official Ubuntu package.

First, I uninstalled the old driver:

cd rtl8821ce/
sudo ./dkms-remove.sh

Then downloaded the driver to my phone: https://packages.ubuntu.com/eoan/all/rtl8821ce-dkms/download

Moved it via USB to my laptop.

Installed it with dpkg:

dpkg -i rtl8821ce-dkms_5.

And finally rebooted the laptop.

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