I am totally new to Ubuntu. I don't want to lose my data or break anything. Will it be stable and fine if I use the command

sudo do-release-upgrade -c -d

to upgrade to Ubuntu 19 (my current version is 16.04.11)?

Also Lubuntu uses LXDE desktop environment, that's why I'm having doubts before upgrading.

If the above given command isn't the correct one, what should I do instead?

Edit: I didn't mean to get Ubuntu instead of Lubuntu, of course that's not possible without .iso. I meant that underneath Lubuntu, Ubuntu is the heart. I don't mind any change in GUI. the only reason I am upgrading is security.

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    Firstly there is no Lubuntu 16.04.11 (the last generated 16.04.x was 16.04.6 which is now EOL - lubuntu.me/test-xenial-6) Also 16.04 LTS was only tested upgrading to 18.04 LTS, and there is no Ubuntu 19 anyway; Ubuntu Core releases are yy in format, Lubuntu is a main releases (not specialized) and uses yy.mm format like major Ubuntu releases. – guiverc Oct 25 at 3:13
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    The -d option will try and bump you to the development release, which currently is 20.04 meaning you'd have to start on 19.10 before bumping. You shouldn't skip releases (it's untested, unsupported so you should expect problems & know how to correct them if you do it!). Lubuntu does not support LXDE to LXQt jumps (see lubuntu.me/cosmic-released) though possible (my current system was bumped without re-install) but it's unsupported and thus you not noobie friendly (you're on your own). The supported upgrade path from 16.04 LTS is to 18.04 LTS unless you re-install – guiverc Oct 25 at 3:17
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    When 20.04 is released (ie. 2020-April release of Lubuntu) support for LXDE to LXQt may be offered, though I suspect it won't be (it could produce more support-requests than the small Lubuntu team could handle but that's just my opinion). An upgrade from any Lubuntu to the next, ie. 16.04 to 18.04 (next LTS), or to 16.10 (next release however now EOL) keeps you on Lubuntu (or flavor you're on) and doesn't transform you to Ubuntu. But teams only support & test from one release to the next (16.04 to 16.10) and from one LTS to the next LTS (16.04 to 18.04) and anything is untested.. – guiverc Oct 25 at 3:24
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    at end of last comment, it should say "any anything else is untested" – guiverc Oct 25 at 3:32
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    Possible duplicate of Can I skip over releases when upgrading? – guiverc Oct 25 at 4:17

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