I am on Ubuntu 18.04, and I use Teamviewer as a way of remotely working on the desktop for GUI reasons. Recently, I made a mistake of accidentally closing the Teamviewer program. Therefore, I am unable to remotely control my desktop anymore.

I can however still ssh into my desktop. Is there a way to load up the Teamviewer GUI remotely, so that I can log in without having to physically be at my computer? I am quite far away from my desktop, and have tried various approaches without success. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  • Here it is: askubuntu.com/a/1040852/566421 This answer is specific for 16.04, but inside is mentioned how to adapt it for 18.04. If it will be worth I could post separate answer here. – pa4080 Oct 24 '19 at 12:29
  • If Teamviewer is set to autostart, you could reboot the computer using ssh. It will come up with teamviewer running. – Jean-Marie Oct 24 '19 at 13:53
  • Thanks, is setting to autostart doable via ssh only? – user321627 Oct 24 '19 at 14:00
  • @user321627 if it is doable, I do not know how. – Jean-Marie Oct 24 '19 at 17:58

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