So I installed Ubuntu 19.10 with its included GNOME environment. I installed Steam and some other programs and games, and everything was working as it was meant to. I then decided I missed Unity for Ubuntu but once I installed it, I could no longer find any programs at all in my app menu.

When trying to find/use .desktop in the terminal, it either tells me "permission denied" or "no such directory found"... Though, when I use the ls command, it lists a desktop directory - please help me fix my messup! Thank you so much in advance.

System specifications:

  • Ubuntu 19.10/Unity
  • Asus Q553U motherboard
  • Intel i7-6500U CPU
  • NVIDIA 940m GPU
  • 16 GB RAM
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    You're going to need to be more specific than "find/use .desktop in terminal" - please edit your question to show the exact command + error message. Remember that Linux is case sensitive so desktop and Desktop are not the same thing. – steeldriver Oct 24 at 0:06
  • So what lesson did we learn here today? Don't install an old outdated environment on a new chassis that runs GNOME. If you played with GNOME for longer than 5 minutes, you'd find that it's not that different from Unity. Reinstall Ubuntu. Sorry to sound so harsh... – heynnema Oct 24 at 0:25

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