I would like to switch between dark and light themes easily (Default Breeze and dark Breeze themes) without having to navigate to System Settings > Global themes > Click on theme > click Apply.

So I was wondering if there existed a way to quickly switch between already installed themes without using the mouse, maybe running a previously made Bash script?

If such a way were feasible then I would be able to fire those scripts with this On/Off plasmoid. So, is there a way to change Global Plasma Theme from the command line?


This can be done with lookandfeeltool that shall come preinstalled on any recent version of Plasma 5. To use it, type on a terminal window:

  1. lookandfeeltool --list to get a list of all available themes on your system.
  2. lookandfeeltool -a CopyPastaFromTheOutputAbove to change to your desired theme.

All credits go to user Skyite Ovexion on the KDE's Telegram group.

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