I learned about linux and wanted to switch from window 10 to lubuntu.

I wanted to know what version should i install for my pc.

Here's the specs: Processor:Intel(R) Celeron(R)CPU N2930 @1.89 ghz 1.83ghz Ram:2gb(1.83 usable) System Type:64 Currently os used:Window 10; Network adapter: Broadcom 802.11n Network adapter

Microsoft Wi-fi Direct Virtual Adaptr #3

Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller

8 Wan miniport specifications.

With that being said, I try lubuntu and ubuntu,Lubuntu seems fine but there's a problem.

I counldn't connect to wifi even with built in wifi adapter. What should i do to troubleshoot it? What version of lubuntu should i use considering my specs?

Thanks in advance.Hoping a could learn alot from this OS and in general computer.

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    Knowing what Lubuntu you tried may have helped. Ubuntu releases are yy.mm in format, so it's pretty easy to work out when it came from (excluding point releases like 18.04.3 which has the 19.04 HWE stack on a 18.04 base). The broadcom (or any brand) doesn't really help, the chipset used is what is needed - I'd suggest help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/… (in the device recognition section you can see what hardware you really have which allows searching using search engines or here) – guiverc Oct 23 at 5:13
  • Lubuntu manual can be found at manual.lubuntu.me/stable (it doesn't have a wifi troubleshooting section, but is helpful to understand how to use Lubuntu). Troubleshooting any /*Ubuntu is the same. As you didn't give a release; that manual may not match your release (it will match 19.10 (2019-October) which is the most recent release). – guiverc Oct 23 at 5:16

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