I want to remap the "close window" shortcut on my xubuntu. The original shortcut is Alt+F4.

However, Alt+F4 is not listed in my keyboard shortcut lists.(Although I can use Alt+F4 to close windows on my computer). I can't find the exact command to run "close window" process.


I am wondering what is the command Alt+F4 corresponds to?

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Tab window manager--> keyboardShortcut.png

  • Thanks! I used "keyboard->Application shortcuts" instead of "window manager -> keyboard". The second one works for me.
    – FewKey
    Oct 22, 2019 at 15:36
  • Thank you! That is essential information for users of reduced keyboards without function keys; see 68keys.io Feb 5 at 14:34
  • Many applications adhere to the convention of quitting the application with Ctrl+Q, but not all do. Assigning this key stroke to Close window brings some uniformity, even though closing a window is not always equivalent to quitting an application. Feb 5 at 14:47

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