I know how to read the status in dpkg -l (first letter is desired state, second is actual state). For example ii means "should be installed and actually is installed" and rc means "should be removed but config files are still there".

For me these ic packages are example-content, pppconfig, pppoeconf and unity-lens-applications (I'm on Ubuntu 19.10).

But what exactly does ic mean? Formally it means it is installed, but only the configuration files are there. Why does apt-get not install/fix the packages if they are not ii? How do I interpret this state? Should I do something about this?

Or do these packages only consist of configuration files? (shouldn't they still have ii then because they are installed correctly?)

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From dpkg, letters in column on the left:

ic = (this is a tough one) I don't really know but I'd guess that you've asked dpkg to install this package but something went wrong and currently only its config files are installed -- reinstalling the package might help

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