I have a laptop which I only use it to play mope. Its hard disk drive of that laptop does not work anymore, I used to used it with a Ubuntu installed on a USB drive, but as that game was running slowly on Ubuntu, I decided I have to change it to Lubuntu.

I have experience installing Ubuntu on USB drives. So I followed the steps to install Lubuntu, like I did with Ubuntu:

  1. I downloaded the Lubuntu iso and YUMI
  2. I booted a USB Drive with Lubuntu using YUMI
  3. I installed Lubuntu to my laptop in a USB drive from another USB drive.

But the third step wasn't successful: it appeared the following message:

Instalation Failed

Bad unsquash configuration

The source filesystem "/cdrom/casper/filesystem.squashfs" does not exist.

So at the end I couldn't install Lubuntu on a USB drive. How can I do so?

Edit: The version was lubuntu-19.04-desktop-amd64.iso , I didn't mention it because I thought it didn't matter.


The problem was solved using Rufus instead of YUMI.

  • Thanks for sharing your solution :-) – sudodus Oct 22 at 6:40

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