I have a spanish (european) Apple Aluminum keyboard hooked to my ubuntu'd Mac Mini, it works fine but the keys for < and º/ª are swapped, and they remain swapped, even though my keyboard seems to be configured correctly. How do I swap 'em (or unswap them, I guess)?

btw this is º/ª (think spanish equivalent of -nd, -rd) not degree as far as I know (usually comes with a line under it but some fonts render both symbols exactly the same.)

Thank you so much in advance, guys.


For anyone struggling: I have pieced together a solution.

First step: use xev to capture both keys, takes out the guesswork. For me they were 49 & 94.

once you have the key codes, do this:

xmodmap -pke | grep -Pw "49|94" > mychanges

Or whatever your keycodes are instead of 49 & 94, though, they're probably the same if you have the problem with º & < on a spanish keyboard.

Then, edit "mychanges" to swap the keys. You probably have something like:

keycode  49 = masculine ordfeminine grave asciitilde backslash backslash
keycode  94 = less greater less greater bar brokenbar bar brokenbar

Swap the numbers for those two, then xmodmap mychanges, try it out, if you like it do cat mychanges >> ~/.Xmodmap


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