Well I guess it is some kind of log I can see and I have look inside the


but still can't find what have happend to my ubuntu server.

Three days in a row it just stop working and just freeze and I have to power off and then power on again. When it frezze it just stop working and I can't use SSH or the keyboard so I just have to power off. It is maybe some script I have done something wrong but when I don't know what to look after then is not easy for me to fix it :)


journalctl -b -1 -e will show the end of the previous boot's logs, leading up to the last crash. journalctl --list-boots will show what it's possible to look at. man journalctl is a requirement.

  • Thanks for the replay I ave no look and I can't see any error. When I run the first one I see no error and in the end I got this pastebin.com/SX2ZuqNy The second gave me not so much pastebin.com/DAWze4gh – Cazz Oct 16 at 15:36
  • The journalctl --list-boots shows that you can inspect the last 7 reboots with for i in $( seq -7 1 -1) ; do journalctl -b $i -e; done. Is there a common factor? If so, investigate it. If not, suspect power or overheating. – waltinator Oct 18 at 3:09
  • Hmm it look like "Started Clean php session files" make it stop working. Not sure how to fix that With this server I running with 7.2.19 version of PHP. my old webserver I did use a older version of PHP – Cazz Oct 18 at 20:33

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