I have Ubuntu 19.04. I want to change the shortcut key for Switch to next input source to Alt+Shift. I go to the Keyboard section in Settings and find the entry (under Typing). When I click on it a dialog appears, and says "Enter new shortcut..." with a keyboard picture under it. However, when I hit Alt+Shift it is dumbly not responding.

The current shortcut is in gray color as I thought it's disabled and I don't have the privilege to change it. Accidentally, I hit Alt+PrintScreen and it responded that it is assigned to another command, but for Alt+Shift it even doesn't guide me what the problem is. How can I solve this?

  • You can't set <Alt>+<Shift> that way. Use Tweaks instead. – Gunnar Hjalmarsson Oct 15 '19 at 16:30

For Ubuntu 19.04 use the following method:

  • Run gnome-tweaks command (without sudo of course)
  • Select Keyboard & Mouse
  • Click Additional Layout Options
  • Expand Switching to another layout
  • Select the checkbox at the left of Alt+Shift

After that, if you want to check the change:

  • Go back to Settings and select Region & Language
  • Click the gear icon ⚙ to the right of Input Sources to display the Input Source Options box
  • Check that the new shortcut appears at Next source

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