There is a great ambiance theme for wine and windows that I use. But when I create a new wine prefix (or use PlayOnLinux to do so) it uses the default ugly grey-and-blue windows 95 theme.

Is there a way to change wine into automatically using my own theme, i.e. the ambiance theme for new wine prefixes?


Unfortunately Roland is right, you are probably best doing this manually at the moment.

However, it is possible to change Wine's system-wide default registry settings by editing /usr/share/wine.inf -- this is the registry that new Wine Prefixes get created with. I'm not sure how to add a theme in there, although you could look at the registry of a current Wine install after you change the theme for hints.


You cannot make wine use this theme automatically, due to limitations in both Wine and Playonlinux. If you look into your ~/.Playonlinux directory you will see that there are wine versions downloaded by Playonlinux, but unfortunately, the format they are in doesn't make it possible to apply a theme in this manner.

Your best bet is to apply the theme to your prefixes manually after installation, and possibly to make a request on the Playonlinux forums for such a feature.

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