So whenever my password is entered it is taking 30-60 seconds to check it. This is happening on the unlock screen, when using sudo in the terminal and on any other graphical interface that uses a password. This only started happening 2-3 days ago. I've been using this installation on my laptop for several months now without any problems.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix that, what to check, etc?

  • Suggest creating a new user; once you have, sign in as that user. Does the slowness persist? Please then click edit and add that fact to your question. – K7AAY Oct 15 '19 at 0:00

The problem has been solved. It seems that an installation of Kerberos had gone a bit wrong and the system was trying and failing to authenticate with Kerberos every time. I've completely removed Kerberos from the system now and it is working fine.

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