It runs ridiculously slow at times (like 10 minutes to open a browser page) I have not used Linux before and have no idea how to get to a "command prompt" or if that is even where I need to be but would like to try installing metacity as I saw that worked for someone who posted on this forum.

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    Before trying to install other things let us know what cpu/ram you have and model of computer. Terminal should be access by clicking bottom left corner where you open your apps. – crip659 Oct 13 at 20:41
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    Your release of Lubuntu may also be useful. Are you using a Lubuntu with LXQt and using GTK+ apps, or a release of Lubuntu using GTK+2 with.... As you provided little info (esp. your RAM size) we can only guess. The current manual for Lubuntu is at manual.lubuntu.me (assuming 19.04) – guiverc Oct 13 at 21:08

To get to a command prompt simultaeously press the Ctrl+Alt+T keys.

Then type free -h and tell us how much RAM you have. For example my system shows 8 GB:

$ free -h
              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:           7.7G        5.3G        445M        545M        1.9G        1.4G
Swap:          7.9G        412M        7.5G

Copy your four of lines to the clipboard (highlight with mouse and press Ctrl+C). Then edit your question and post the four lines from clipboard (press Ctrl+V) into your question.

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