I use Ubuntu 19.04.

I have not enough physical memory (only 8 GB), thus I regularly use swap partition to extend my virtual memory. (Swap partition size is ≈ 9 GB.)

And now I want to set up hibernation.

My question is: how am I supposed to set it all up, so that Ubuntu could save memory state to disk and not to overwrite my existing swap data?

Do I have to create a separate swap partition?

And what if currently (right in this second) my virtual memory usage is less than 8 GB, but some data is still saved in swap partition (e.g. memory usage is 4 GB of 8 (50%), but swap partition usage is 10%) - will I be able to hibernate using that swap partition right now?

How do I set it all up?

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    Your swap file or swap partition should big enough for normal use + the 8gb RAM you want to write to it in order to hibernate. Hibernate will not override data already in swap; the hibernate just won't occur if there isn't enough space in swap to save all your memory (an error message will be in your logs). – guiverc Oct 12 '19 at 8:24
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    Related to askubuntu.com/questions/361734 You can test if hibernation works by installing pm-utils then type in a terminal pm-hibernate – Jerare Oct 12 '19 at 8:48

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