When using the FileZilla client as an application directory (link), I can right-click an html file on a remote server → View/Edit and it will open in my predefined editor (e.g. VSCode).

BUT if I use the FileZilla flatpak version, then I get the following error:

The file 'index.html' cannot be opened: The associated program (/usr/bin/code) could not be found. Please check your filetype associations.

I can run /usr/bin/code from the command line, but it doesn't work with FileZilla.

  • It could be a confinement issue, flatpak/Filezilla does have direct access to launch any program from /usr/bin/ * , try another program same location and also another editor installed from flatpak . You may end up with bug report . – user.dz Oct 14 '19 at 19:16

In "Ubuntu Software" list, there is two FileZilla. One of them is FileZilla(Unofficial). If you have installed that, please remove the unofficial one, and install the other one. That solved my problem.

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if you want add for php add php /snap/bin/code filezilla filetype associations

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