I am trying to do network bonding on a ubuntu-vm (18.04 LTS Server ISO) just for educational purpose. My problem is this does not work at all.
I tryed both Virtualbox and Hyper-V as Hypervisors. Also i tryed to setup the bonding automatically during installation and after installation with netplan. Also i tryed every bonding mode thats possible (except the switch dependant 802.3ad mode).
The problem is, that while the configuration seems to configure the network interfaces right, there is no network traffic possible after bonding the virtual nics. Additionally if i set the bonding up with dhcp (instead of static) the bonding interface gets no ip-address (when setup bonding with dhcp during ubuntu installation it tells error message dhcp timeout).
Is it just not possible to do a nic-team inside a ubuntu-vm or am i just too dumb. Then again when i do nic-teaming inside a windows-vm it works instantly without hassle.

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