During the installation, I configured it to deploy 1 master and 2 worker nodes but I'm seeing a total of 10 VMs all together.

Juju VMs

There are 3 VM's that are configured with the exact specifications I defined during the installation. The last VM in this list is configured with 4GB of memory while the remaining are configured with 1GB of memory.

After the installation completed, I ran kubectl get nodes and am only seeing 2 nodes total in the cluster. Perhaps I need to open an issue.

juju-366554-6   Ready    <none>   12m   v1.16.1
juju-366554-7   Ready    <none>   12m   v1.16.1

Resource wise, it's not a problem for my ESXi host; however, would like to clean them up if they aren't necessary. I don't see any documentation explaining what they are used for.

  • Are you sure those are not used by K8s? There are etcd nodes, mayble a load balancer and stuff. It is not only a K8s master / worker vm. The VM with the name juju-75de15-0 is probably your juju controller that you bootstrapped when installing juju. juju status will show more info. – user3499430 Oct 17 at 8:04

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