I have PHPstorm installed via snap, I have also installed php.

In the PHPstorm settings -> Languages & Frameworks -> PHP I have added the cli interpreter: /usr/bin/php-cgi, but whenever I want to run php code in Firefox, I get a Bad Gateway message:

502 Bad Gateway

PhpStorm 2019.2.3

I tried different PHP packages: /usr/bin/php / /usr/bin/php-cgi but no luck.

Q: How to setup local PHP development in PhpStorm?

  • I never really developed in PHP, but I could imagine that maybe some snap confinement might interfere with your PhpStorm and its local server. Personally, I prefer managing all my JetBrains IDEs using the Toolbox App which also handles updates, license management etc. You could try if it behaves better when installed that way. – Byte Commander Oct 10 at 21:59

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