I have a Dell's laptop (Model: DELL XPS 13 7390 2-in-1 laptop, Tag:F4V82Z2, with Intel's 10-gen CPU i7-1065G7, IceLake) that originally shipped with Windows 10 and I would like to dual boot it with Ubuntu 18.04.3. However, the boot always hangs and the laptop starts to be really hot.

What I tried:

I downloaded Ubuntu 18.04.3 (and also Ubuntu 19.04) from https://ubuntu.com/download/desktop Using Rufus-3.8 I made a USB boot drive (File system:Large FAT, Partition scheme: MBR).


  • I read online that USB-2 are not supported by Dell so I tried both USB-2 and USB-3 drives.
  • I ran the BIOS hardware check scan - Passed.

From within windows:

  • Just to make sure, I updated Windows to have the latest updates.
  • I downloaded Dell's update utility and ensure that I have the latest updates.
  • I updated the BIOS with the latest firmware since Oct 3, 2019
  • I ensured that Microsoft Bit Locker is suspended (although the disk is fully encrypted).
  • I shrank the C drive to un-allocate 200Gb for the Ubuntu boot.
  • I ensured that windows fast startup is disabled

From BIOS:

  • I tried to use secure boot enabled/disabled modes.
  • I tried switching the SATA configurations from RAID to ACHI
  • I ensured that only UEFI boot is enabled

After booting from the USB, the UBUNTU grab is opened and I choose "try ubuntu". Then, I am getting an error related to the ACPI tables. I edited the grab with the following configurations but the boot always hangs:

  • nosplash debug i915.nomodeset=0 max_cstate=1 acpi=off i915.nomodeset=0 max_cstate=1 acpi=off

  • nomodeset=0 max_cstate=1 acpi=off

  • nomodeset=0 

  • max_cstate=1 acpi=off

  • nomodeset=0 acpi=off

What can I do next?



In grub press e, then add modprobe.blacklist=intel_lpss_pci in the Linux line after "---" and press f10. That will get you to the full os.. then upgrading to kernel 5.3 will fix the wifi. I read that there are other ways to fix the wifi, by copying the Intel drivers in /lib/firmware, but that did not work for me..

I haven't found a way to get the touchscreen to work yet.. I read something about it sitting behind the intel_lpss module and someone made a driver patch, whatever that is, to get it to work.. but I haven't tried to apply it, nor I know how to.. seems to be a c program


Use 19.10 and it will work. I have the same computer. Also, touchscreen works almost perfectly in this version.

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