I want to install an app, Zacros. First, I have to install the Gfortran compiler. I have done that. After I have to follow these instructions.

Compiling should be done using a terminal. It simply comes down to the following:

cd path/to/source/of/Zacros 
mkdir build # If it does not exist yet 
cd build 
cp path/to/makefiles/makefile-gfortran-parallel-unix makefile make

After these procedure I am supposed to find zacros.x in the build directory However the only thing I have is No such file or directory

Thanks for your help! P. D. I have the academic version. So, I can freely use it. I do not know if I have to start from another user, super/user or something like this.

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    What do you want to install? It depends on how the software is shipped. Usually it is with apt command. In your case it seems you have a tar.gz – Pablo A Oct 8 at 17:43
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    So does the Zip contain a ReadMe file explaining how to build it? – EODCraft Staff Oct 8 at 17:55
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    You want us to download the 30 day evaluation? Please edit your question with the instructions they give you, nobody wants to register for that. – EODCraft Staff Oct 8 at 17:56
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    The last line cp path/to/makefiles/makefile-gfortran-parallel-unix makefile make looks like it needs to be 2 separate commands - either place the make on a separate line or separate them with a semicolon as cp path/to/makefiles/makefile-gfortran-parallel-unix makefile; make – steeldriver Oct 8 at 17:59
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    "The version of Zacros made available under the Commercial Evaluation Licence is Windows executable functional for 30 days" So, even if we did get approval and downloaded it, it would do you no good – K7AAY Oct 8 at 18:00

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