In the application section of the launcher, there are folders labeled Utilities and Sundry. When you click on the one labeled Utilities, a container opens up below it with its contents, which are just some system things like help, backups, and archiver. The one labeled Sundry has Adobe Flash Player settings. This is similar to Launchpad on a Mac.

I was wondering if it were possible to create my own folders with apps in them. I can't drag icons on top of others, nor can I find any real folders on my HDD that represent those in the launcher (Nothing in /usr/share/applications)

I am running Ubuntu 18.04.03 with GNOME 3.28.2


You can use a shell extension called Appfolders Management to do this - it lets you simply right-click the icon and you see the options available, which allow you to add to a new or existing folder.

See: How to install and manage Gnome shell extensions to help you :).

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