I'm trying to connect to Skype throught Empathy 3.4 in Ubuntu 12.04 i386 (last update installed) I installed the pidgin-skype plugin, but there is no bigbrownchunx-skype-dbus protocol in list. It works fine with Pidgin.


Hey man I couldn't find an answer yet either. I'm sure it'll be fixed eventually. However I did find a good (if not better) alternative. It's the skype-wrapper. I followed the instructions on the second comment here and upon finishing I restarted my computer. On my computer it was a little glitchy before I restarted the computer (crashing and such) and then once I restarted and ran the command skype-wrapper in the terminal, it worked perfectly. No Skype icon or anything. So I'd give this a shot as it worked for me.



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