I am using take-vector-screenshot to take a PDF screenshot.

When I launch take-vector-screenshot, I have to click a button within its window in order to begin the screenshot process. I then need to pick the window to take a screenshot of.

A button is required to be clicked to start the process

In the process of clicking this button (pictured above), the focus changes from the window which I actually want to capture. Hence the screenshot I get is of an unfocussed window, which is undesirable.

I can use wmctrl -a $WINDOW_TITLE to focus the window I want to take the screenshot of, but this doesn't work if I precede it with e.g. a sleep 3.

Any ideas how I can get this to work?


This (somehow) appears to be related to my shell.

If I run bash and then try sleep 2; wmctrl -a WindowTitle, it works fine.

Fails every time in zsh though - no idea why.

This doesn't solve the problem though: because the window still gets unfocussed when the save dialog appears. I fixed this part of the issue by forking gtk-vector-screenshot and adding calls to gtk_window_set_accept_focus(window, False);. I also removed the save dialog, so PDFs just get written to the home directory. It's a hack, but the project isn't being maintained anymore and it does the job for me.

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