I've installed teamviewer on Jetson nano following this instruction: Tutorial TeamViewer 14 on Nvidia Jetson TX2. It fails in two ways:

  • if I launch it from command line, i get following output:

    Error: CheckCPU: unknown architecture 'aarch64'
  • if I connect to it after setting password through command line, it allows to enter login remotely, but after entering password it immediately disconnects.

I tried changing WaylandEnable /etc/gdm3/custom.conf, but it doesn't help. What else can I try?


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FTR I found this first and then saw the comment saying you check it out:

I was able to solve this by adding aarch64 to the checks performed by the start script. Navigate to where teamviewer is installed (for me this was /opt/teamviewer). Navigate further to tv_bin/script. Open tvw_main and find the section where it checks the architecture (CheckCPU function). Where you see ( armv71 ), add aarch64, so the line now reads ( armv71 | aarch64 ). Then try running it again (run "teamviewer" from the terminal).

The solution didn't work for two other users though..

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